Transport case 1008


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Durable transport case with protective interior protects the oscilloscope accessories during transport and storage.


This case was designed for storing and transporting a digital oscilloscope 1008C and is made-to-measure product. Protective interior ensures a stable store of diagnostic equipment and protects against accidental damage. Absorbs shock, impact and vibration.

Cutouts are to store 4 attenuators HT00201 sets 5-tips HT00307 0.9 mm, two large alligator clips HT00018 (stacked), USB connection cable and digital oscilloscope DSO 1008C. For hinged lid is a storage area for literature in A4 format, measuring cables or accessories thicker.

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<p>The interior of the case is made of polyethylene foam with closed pores. The closed cell structure ensures high durability, resistance to external pressures during transport, and excellent resistance to chemicals, moisture and rot. Plastic case is a product of German manufacturer WAG. It is a production series Technobag, performing Jazz.</p>

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