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DSO 3062A


Hantek DSO 3062A - two-channel automotive oscilloscope with a signal generator

What do need a digital oscilloscope for?

There is no measuring or diagnostic device which would be able to replace the digital oscilloscope for electrical part tests. Many defects ¨ which are hidden and undetectable for series (OBD) diagnostics are easily identifiable for the oscilloscope. With a digital oscilloscope you will start detecting instead of guessing the faults. Mastering parallel diagnostics using a digital oscilloscope, although at a basic level, may be a competitive advantage which will make more and more customers return to you.

Obstacles for Beginners

One of the first obstacles for any beginner is the purchasing price of a digital oscilloscope. Automotive oscilloscopes are characterized by higher prices. Another obstacle may be a fear to use an expensive device. A digital oscilloscope is a relatively expensive device and one which is vulnerable to unprofessional use, which frequently results in irreversible damage. Last but not least, some theoretical and practical knowledge is required to master the basic skills to operate a digital oscillscope. In short, unwillingness to learn new things is one of the reasons why car repair shops reject the oscilloscope.

Help for Beginners

Beginners usually find learning how to control an oscilloscope difficult, because they do not know how to connect it, set it up, and above all, they don´t understand the waveforms being displayed. The Hantek automotive oscilloscope control programme contains a database of preset waveforms, i.e. sensors and actuators which automatically set up the oscilloscope. For better understanding, we supply each profiset complete with the technical documentation to the preset measurements database. A work safety manual describes some of the wrong connections which would cause irreparable damage to the device. The last document is the Oscilloscope Basics Manual which outlines the fundamentals of oscilloscope theory every digital oscilloscope user should know. With each Hantek Autoscope profiset you will get the following technical support:

• Programme containing an extensive database of preset measurements
• Printed manual to the preset measurements database including waveform descriptions
• Printed manual to work safety and oscilloscope connection
• Printed manual to oscilloscope theory basics
• Detailed printed manual to the Hantek 3062/3062A control program.

While the oscilloscope itself is only supplied with a detailed printed manual, the profisets come with complete documentation. For more information on the manuals, go to the technical support pages

Preset Measurements Database

To help beginning diagnosticians the programme contains a database of more than 80 preset sensor and actuator waveforms. The waveforms database is divided into 5 sections:

• Ignition circuits
• Sensors and actuators
• Injection jet tests
• Charging circuits and compression tests.

After selecting a car part from an easy-to-use menu, the programme will automatically set up the oscillocope for measurement and display the required waveform on raster background.

The programme is also able to capture the measured waveform and store it as a reference curve, or store the oscilloscope setting for a new measurement of the same car part.

Compatibility with Automobiles

The oscilloscope is a device which is used solely for watching various electrical phenomena (signals) as a function of time. When using the oscilloscope in automobiles there is no restriction in terms of compatibility with an electrical part - a sensor or actuator. An oscillocsope may be used equally well for making measurements in cars, lorries or motorcycles. Everything is a question of operating the oscilloscope correctly, i.e. setting it up and connecting it to the part being diagnosed.

Technical Design

Robust aluminium finish with protective hard rubber sides protect the device in the conditions of shop environment. A solid case houses a well-made automotive oscilloscope fitted with high-quality parts, which process the signal being measured without error or deviation. A 200 Megasamples per second sampling rate (200 Ms/s = 200 million samples per second) and 60 MHz bandwidth far exceed the needs of regular vehicle diagnostics measurements. For measuring slower signals, such as the lambda probe or air weight, a sampling rate of several dozen kHz will suffice. To watch detailed voltage waveforms, such as those of the primary ignition circuit or injection jets, a sampling rate of about 50 Ms/ will suffice.

The key features for automotive diagnostics

The key feature of the 3062A Autoscope is an extensive database of preset measurements for various sensors and actuators. Some of its principal functions are:

• Preset automotive diagnostic measurements
• Arbitrary signal generator
• Value measurement tracking and evaluation
• Measuring cursors
• Zoom function for measured signals
• External trigger
• Waveform recording
• Screen storage
• Customer report print

Other Functions

The AUTOSCOPE 3062A Automotive Oscilloscope features a whole range of standard and superstandard functions frequently met with in laboratory oscilloscopes:

• Frequency counter
• Acquisition modes (peak detection etc)
• Spectrum analyzer window function
• Math operations (addition, subtraction, FFT, etc)
• Interpolation setting
• Built-in calibration and check mode
• Raster setting
• Signal waveform storage
• Immediate measurement setting storage
• And many more…

Favorable price - optimal performance

Hantek comes with an alternative and offers a balanced price/performance ratio. Measuring technology development and production are marching in seven-league boots, and everybody knows computer technology prices have fallen sharply in the last decade. Measuring technology is no exception. Hantek offers an inexpensive and high quality solution, although not a perfect one. Hantek oscilloscopes are accessible to any car mechanic. After getting some practical experience and mastering certain basic skills every mechatronics enthusiast will surely purchase an expensive and perfect oscilloscope and what´s more, will not be afraid to use it.

Programme and Updates

The programme user environment is intuitive and friendly even for less experienced users. The programme licence is not limited to a single computer.


Package contents
Package includes:
1x DSO 3062A – two-channel automotive oscilloscope with a signal generator
1x connecting cable 2m USB 2.0
1x installation CD with software
1x manual in English
1x power supply adaptor Telca FKS30HSC


Warranty 2 years
Model 3062A
Model DSO3062AL DSO3062L DSO3062A DSO3064A DSO3064
Analog Channels 2 2 2 4 4
Bandwidth 60MHz 60MHz 60MHz 60MHz 60MHz
Rise Time 5.8ns 5.8ns 5.8ns 5.8ns 5.8ns
Input Impedance Resistance: 1MΩ; Capacitance: 25 pF
Input Sensitivity 10mV/div to 5V/div
Input Coupling AC/DC/GND
Vertical Resolution 8 bits
Memory Depth 10K-16M/CH
Maximum Input 400V (DC+AC Peak)
Real-Time Sampling Rate 200MS/s 200MS/s 200MS/s 200MS/s 200MS/s
Time Base Range 5ns/div to 1000s/div(1-2-5 sequences)
Time Base Precision ±50ppm
Source CH1, CH2,EXT,D0-D15 CH1, CH2,EXT CH1, CH2,CH3,CH4,EXT
Mode Edge,Pulse,Video,Alternative
Auto Measurement Vpp, Vamp, Vmax, Vmin, Vtop, Vmid, Vbase, Vavg, Vrms, Vcrms, Preshoot, Overshoot, Frequency, Period, Rise Time, Fall Time, Positive Width, Negative Width, Duty Cycle
Cursors Measurement Cross, Trace, Horizontal, Vertical
Waveform Signal Process +,- , x,÷, FFT, Invert
Voltage Range 10mV to 5V/div @ x 1 probe; 100mV to 50V/div @ x 10 probe;
1V to 500V/div @ x 100 probe; 10V to 5000V/div @ x 1000 probe; 
100V to 50000V/div @ x 10000 probe;  200mV to 100V/div @ 20:1
Current Range CC65(20A),CC65(60A),CC650,CC1100
FFT Rectangular, Hanning, Hamming, Blackman Window
Math Adition, subtraction, multiplication, division
Logic Analyzer
High input impendence 200K(C=10p) -- -- --
Input Voltage range  -60V~60V  -- -- --
Logic threshold range  -6~6V  -- -- --
Max Sample Rate 100MHz -- -- --
Bandwidth 10MHz -- -- --
Compatible input TTL, LVTTL, CMOS,
-- -- --
Storage depth 10K-16M/CH -- -- --
Arbitrary Waveform Generator Mode
Waveform Frequency DC~25MHz -- DC~25MHz --
DAC 2K~200MHz adjustable -- 2K~200MHz adjustable --
Frequency Resolution 0.10% -- 0.10% --
Channel 1CH -- 1CH waveform output --
Waveform Depth 4KSa -- 4KSa --
Vertical Resolution 12 bit -- 12 bit --
Frequency Stability <30ppm -- <30ppm --
Wave Amplitude ±3.5V Max. -- ±3.5V Max. --
Output Impedance 50 Ω -- 50 Ω --
Output Current 50mA -- 50mA Ipeak=50mA --
System BW 25M -- 25M --
Harmonic Distortion -50dBc(1KHz),
-- -50dBc(1KHz),  -40dBc(10KHz) --
INTERFACE USB  2.0 (Lan Optional)
POWER SOURCE 8--36V Wide range of input voltage, suitable 
Volume 255 x 190 x 45 (mm)
Weight 1Kg


Videos No
Pictures No


Manual No
Datasheet No
Software No
Firmware No


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