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Hantek DSO 2250 (100 MHz) Laboratory Digital Oscilloscope

The Hantek DSO 2250 is an ideal aid for technical school and college students as well as for all less demanding users needing a two-channel oscilloscope for hobby activities. Low price and high-quality technical design offer a high use value. The other advantages of the Hantek DSO 2250 two-channel USB oscilloscope are its weight and compact size which make it easily portable. The principal features of the DSO 2250 are its 250 MS/s maximum sampling rate (in the one-channel mode), 64kS sampling memory and external trigger. The package includes two 60 MHz passive probes, USB connecting cable and user manual.

DSO 2250 - main features:

• Two independent channels
• External trigger
• Bandwidth: 100 MHz
• 250 MS/sec (one-channel mode)
• Autoset function
• 23 automatic measurements
• LabVIEWR support
• Library for applications development - Visual C, Visual Basic
• Math functions including FFT

Control Programme and Updates

The programme is user-friendly, easy to control and localized in the Czech language. It features a whole range of standard functions commonly met with, such as the Autoset function, math functions including FFT, signal storage and recording, measuring cursors, a wide range of measurable values, raster full-screen mode with horizontal and vertical control by the right mouse button, or display parameters setting. Download the programme for a free trial!

Favorable price - optimal performance

An obstacle for anyone interested in owning a good oscilloscope is its purchasing price. High quality oscilloscopes are expensive and that is why low-end measuring instruments are produced which, however, fall short of the qualities of professional measuring stations. Hantek brings a quality alternative and offers a balanced price/performance ratio.

Updates and Support

The producer gradually releases firmware and software updates for all of its products. However, we cannot quarantee a regular supply of such updates to our customers, since we are not producers but only importers and sellers for the Czech Republic. Firmware and software updates may be downloaded directly from the product pages or from the Czech support pages hantek.cz. The programme in Czech is available to registered users only. 

The DSO-2xxx and 52xx Oscilloscope Product Series

The 2250 model is based on the Hantek DSO-2xxx and 52xx product series. The two series have common features: 2 channels, 1MΩ 25pF impedance, AC/DC/GND coupling, 3 % DC amplification accuracy, input protection - diods, trigger (CH1, CH2, external), pre/post trigger
0-100 %.


Package contents   
Package includes:
1x DSO 2250 (100 MHz)
1x passive probe 60 MHz
1x connecting cable USB 2.0 type Y (USB B -> 2x USB A)
1x manual in English


Warranty 2 years
Model 2250
Model DSO2090 DSO2150 DSO2250 DSO5200 DSO5200A
Channel 2 2 2 2 2
Bandwidth 40MHz 60MHz 100MHz 200MHz 200MHz
Max. Sample rate 100MS/s 150MS/s 250MS/s 200MS/s 250MS/s
Rising Time 8.8ns 5.8ns 3.5ns 1.7ns 1.7ns
Impedance 1MΩ 25pF
Coupling AC/DC/GND
Vertical resolution 8Bit 9 Bit
Gain range 10mV-10V, 10Steps
DC accuracy ±3%
Timebase range 2ns-1h, 39 Steps
Vertical adjustable Yes
Input protection Diode clamping
X-Y Yes
EXT. input Yes
Trigger Mode Auto, Normal and Single
Trigger Slope +/-
Trigger level adjustable Yes
Trigger Type Rising edge, falling edge
Trigger Source CH1, CH2, EXT
Pre/Post trigger 0-100%
Buffer size 64K 64K 1M 64K 1M
Sampling selection Yes
Waveform Display port/line, waveform average, persistence, intensity
Network Open/Close
Vertical mode CH1, CH2, Dual, ADD
Cursor measurement Yes
Math FFT, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.
Cursor Frequency, Voltage
Accessories S/W CD, probes, manual, USB cord


Videos No
Pictures No


Manual No
Datasheet No
Software No
Firmware No


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